Astrological Services

Astrological Services

In my three decades of work with astrological clients, I have again and again come up against modern culture’s prejudice against this five thousand year old science. Mostly these result from the misinformation disseminated from newspaper sun sign columns, and unscholarly books that traffic mostly in cliches.

Part of my work has always been a reeducation about what astrology actually is. I came to astrology after years of deep scholarly study of Carl Jung’s life work and the discovery that he had spent decades of his life, having had astrology impact his work with clients, as well as his theories about the nature of the psyche. Of Astrology he once said, “Astrology contains everything I have found in my psychology, and I am not sure that my psychology has anything to offer its older sister.”

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Most people believe exactly the opposite; that their historical experiences shape how their consciousness functions. Each astrology chart is as unique as a DNA strand or a thumbprint. None is like any other. Each reflects directly upon the specific experience of the individual who possesses it. Astrology shows the momentum one’s consciousness brings into this life, and the opportunities for transformation that are built into the stresses and strains that are built into each individual’s consciousness and life.

Your natal chart identifies a system of energy that is in the process of evolving toward its highest expression.   Before you met your parents, family, friends, and culture, this system was in place to influence every perception and expression of your life to come.  Your session will shift your perspective from the conditioned state of consciousness that results from historical and biographical causality toward the transformative intent that preceded all those experiences.  Identifying the intent provides an immutable sense of understanding and purpose, and will reacquaint you with the primordial intelligence whose investment in your well being preceded memory, history, and cultural conditioning. Together, we will amplify the awareness of this intelligence into your everyday experience.  The purpose of this session is to bring the hidden mechanics of your experience into high relief, so you can utilize them for your maximum benefit.

From the moment of our birth, the planets continue to move through the Solar System like the hands on a watch. As they come into geometric relationship with our natal structure, transformations of specific areas of your consciousness, person, and life that have been fated, will occur. The catalysts of transformation are applied for your ultimate benefit, no matter how they feel.

The most profound changes take place over longer periods of time, and exert pressure to transform your internal and external life. Their intention is to clear away the transitory conditioned aspects of your person, to make space for more eternal and contemporary ones. If you know which agencies of transformation are present in your life, you’ll recognize their signature, and will be able to partner with their intention, rather than fighting the unavoidable changes they will bring.

I’ll identify the agencies of change that are present right now, and what areas of your life they wish to transform. You’ll leave this session with an understanding of the larger cycle of development you are currently living living through, and will know how the changes being asked of you are are most likely to manifest.

There is no time of life when an individual’s focus on their identify and purpose comes into higher relief than during adolescence and early adulthood.  At this historical moment, individual awareness of fate has been drowned beneath a tsunami of peers, social networks, twenty four hour news cycles, and non stop cell phone usage.  Young people are continually pulled away from their uniqueness and bathed in the lowest common denominator of a culture that values consumer creation more than it does unique and profound individuals. 

An Astrology reading for a young person emerging into a new social world is precisely the antidote for a youth culture that spreads a unified vision of peer pressure before the individual has an opportunity to experience what is objectively unique about themselves. 

I will provide the young adult with a perspective on where they have come from, and where they are going, and imbue their sense of identity with an archetypal uniqueness and value that they will be able to take with them wherever they are headed. 

They’ll be reminded of their unique fate, and be shown the value of anchoring their identity to it.   This reading will be an antidote to the collective think that the internet and social platforms promote, and will be an invaluable point of orientation to carry into the years to come. 

The most profound Astrological Readings are for the parents of newborn children. This reading provides a look through an open window into the life to come. We will discuss the already established structures of a child’s consciousness that will determine how they perceive their parents, family and social environment. This reading will provide parents with an objective, empathic look at their newborn or young child.
It will serve as an eternal reminder that each child arrives intact, with their own predilections, talents, preferences, and challenges. We’ll identify what a child perceives, thinks, and feels and have a peek into the future. In many cultures with wisdom traditions like those that existed in Tibet, an Astrologer is one of the first arrivals to a home after the birth of a child. In our western tradition, in the story of the The Three Magi who discover the child Jesus, the magi were originally Astrologers, but when Astrology became disavowed as a kind of magic by the church at the time of the first gospel, the story was changed.
That shouldn’t keep you from experiencing a wisdom perspective on your child’s life. The perspective from this reading will serve you for years and is something that will be referred to and treasured as a useful tool.
Guess what. Your relationships are fated. Your astrological structures will mesh with those people who are important to you like a key fits into a lock. In fact, Jung’s great Astrological Study was looking at the inter-aspects between the charts of married couples. Astrology can show you where you intersect with the important people in your life. It can identify the dynamics between you and significant others whether they be spouses, boy/girlfriends, coworkers, or family members.
Astrology can show you the purpose of a relationship and what it’s long term implications and purpose are. There is no important person in you life whose primordial structure isn’t interlinked with yours in identifiable and meaningful ways that reveal its logos. Nothing is as affirming as the correspondences in the charts of two people who have a profound meaning to one another. Take a look inside the mystery and be amazed.

What to Expect with Your Session

I work with clients in New York City and see clients online worldwide . I’ll have your chart prepared, and we’ll hit the ground running with a dialogue about what the chart says. My job is to explain to you the story of your chart, without talking about ‘Planets houses, aspects and transits.” Those are all terms that won’t have any meaning to you. I want to take you on a trip through your Astrology chart, and your life.

Like any other trip, whether it be Paris, Big Sur, or Tokyo, descriptions of it, won’t do it justice. I want you to have the experience of the intelligence that make your experience unique and complete. Nobody else is having the experience you are, and it is intentional. I want to explore the reasons behind your experience and have you leave our time together with an invigorated sense of your unique purpose.

Your Astrology Chart existed at the moment of your birth, and it told a story, and the story continues to unfold right at this moment. Part of your story is our meeting .