Psychedelic Consultations

Psychedelic Consultations

“The human mind knows how to heal itself if you give it the trust filled atmosphere and opportunities to become deeply aware of the levels of consciousness within you.” – William Richards

Psychedelics can reshape one’s experience of oneself, and the world. With personal care, empathy and attention, breakthrough insights can be achieved. It is not a “one size fits all” undertaking. Every person’s psyche is as uniquely structured as a strand of DNA or a fingerprint.

Each person requires personal care and consideration in order to maximize the potential for optimal outcomes. Groups are mostly designed to maximize provider profits, in an environment where one is exposed to the emotional and physical suffering of strangers, where one gets less of a chance to do personal work that connects them to the healing balm of their own inner landscape. This is why I focus on personal attention and experiences that are tailored to your needs.

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Microdosing is a technology that is having a huge impact on mental health and well being. Using psychedelics in sub perceptual doses is a way to transform one’s state of consciousness in an incredibly positive way.

The key to successful microdosing is using proper dosages in the proper frequency of use. I have been consulting with clients in their microdosing regimens for years. Every person is different in their needs, and getting to know the physiology, psychology and intent of the individual is the key to success.

I can work with you to create a regimen that can help you achieve your goals, whether those goals involve breaking habits, changing views, or transforming the way you think by creating new neuropathways.


Collective awareness of the healing properties of Psychedelics is exploding. Research shows that they can help with depression, anxiety, ptsd, addictions, smoking cessation, OCD, and several other difficulties. Trained professionals in Medicine, Psychiatry, and Psychology, are being asked by their patients and clients about the utility of these remedies. I am in frequent contact with professionals in these fields who wish to educate themselves about the healing properties of these substances.

I have years of experience in these matters as well as a Master’s Degree in Counseling. The protocols I use were successful in medical and psychological settings in the 1950’s and 60’s before Psychedelics were marginalized for political reasons. I consult with many professionals in these fields who wish for their patients to receive the profound benefits of these technologies. If you are a professional and would like to discuss the utility of these substances in a one on one, private conversation, I am pleased to serve as an educator and experienced information source.


Meditation is psychedelics in slow motion. There is nothing that will benefit someone before and after psychedelic experience more than a consistent meditation practice. During psychedelic experience, we gulp previously unexperienced parts of our consciousness, and during meditation, we sip. If a person is serious about making their psychedelic experience a part of their everyday life, there is no act that communicates this to themself that compares to meditation.

If I had to choose between meditation and psychedelic experience for anyone for whom I cared deeply, I would choose meditation. Results, benefits, and insight is guaranteed with proper effort, with very little risk. Together, psychedelic experience and meditation support each other, like nothing else with the exception of personal therapy. The expansion that is hinted at with psychedelics, can be realized with meditation. It is the most efficient vehicle for transformation, as well as the best carriage for psychedelic experience. Time and time, I see that my clients who benefit the most from their psychedelic experiences are the ones who are inspired by them to meditate consistently.

If you are considering working with psychedelics, or are already involved with them, meditation will mature and support your experience. Meditation offers identifiable brain changes, like added matter in the prefrontal cortex, and new neuropathways in just six weeks. Meditation has been shown to shrink the amygdala, which is the organ in the brain that creates fight or flight, and is the instrument of depression and anxiety. Speaking plainly, meditation is medicine. It will calm you, clarify your thinking, and deconstruct lifelong patterns of thinking. It has no known negative side effects, and can create a platform of expansion for all areas of your life.

If someone is serious about their well being, both mentally and physically, there is nothing else, outside of exercise, that can match its benefits. I am not a professional meditation teacher. But, I have gotten numerous clients started successfully on a meditation practice that is practical, useful and realistic. I have had the good fortune of studying with a number of excellent teachers. As a child and young adult, I was taught Vipassana (mindfulness) meditation by family friend Jack Kornfield. As an adult I took up a decade long Zen study with John Daishin Buksbazen, author of Zen Meditation in Plain English, at the Ocean Moon Sangha in Santa Monica. Combining the techniques of Zen and Vipassana, has allowed me to instruct clients in a style of meditation that is simple, immediate, calming, and has great utility in exploring consciousness.

The technique is simple, but it is not easy. I have taught people to meditate in preparation for their psychedelic experience, and I have taught people to meditate afterwards, to help them bring a consciousness technology into their life that they can utilize everyday. I believe that psychedelic experience without meditation is an incomplete experience that wastes the potential that psychedelics hold. If you are preparing for an experience, or have had one, let’s talk about getting a practice started for you that will keep the benefits flowing into your life.


Dreaming occurs in the same part of the brain that psychedelic experience does. Dreams and psychedelics use the same metalanguage to communicate with our everyday egoic state. Every night, the same intelligence that presents itself during a psychedelic experience, reveals itself while we dream. We each spend roughly two hours per night dreaming. Over the course of human lifespan, we will spend six years of our life dreaming. These years can be tapped as a gold mine of insight, transformation, and guidance from our most profound depths. Many of the challenges of the current age are the result of our culture’s inability to recognize, harvest, and utilize the riches of these resources. Yet each one of us has access to this wisdom source. It is a democracy. Each one of us chooses whether or not to engage this intelligence.

Over the past 33 years, I have recorded and worked with nearly eight thousand dreams. The value I have experienced in doing this is inexpressible. I have been warned of health problems, been granted insight into areas of my life whose the meaning had eluded me, and been shown that there is an intelligence that views me objectively, and has opinions about how I am living. By recording so many dreams, I have discovered that there is a topography of my consciousness that is both mappable, and comprehensible. Examples of the utility of relating to my dreaming life as something of tremendous value are too numerous to mention. If you are curious, we can discuss it. I am an avowed believer that there is no other source of wisdom that is as intimate and as profound that is available to anyone, as their dreams. No creed, no religion, no philosophy speaks as directly to the life experience of the individual. Period.

When I was seeing clients as a therapist, I was told frequently by new clients, “I do not remember my dreams.” After making a few practical suggestions, the next week’s meeting often began with the statement, “What have you done to me?” Carl Jung thought that if you turned toward the unconscious, it would turn back toward you with twice as much energy. Once the unconscious knows that you are paying attention, it will offer up its riches enthusiastically. However, it does not speak in the same language we use in the day world, and learning to translate its language into ours, is a lifetime’s work of art. I can provide you with a program to increase your dream recall, and begin to understand the language of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to start this journey. No matter where you are in your life, dreams can provide you with access to your own hidden riches. Together we will put together a program that is practical, thorough, and transformative. Guaranteed.