I’m three weeks out from working with Robert, and I’m still going through my notes and meditating regularly. I’m continuing to process the experience, while finding actionable information. I’d been searching for Robert for quite some time, and the path that led me to him was synchronistic indeed.

My astrology reading gave me many insights into my life and operating systems. It’s hard to describe the depth Robert is able to go into with this, and being able to go back and listen to the recording of our session allows me to keep pulling out gems. It’s allowed me look at my decision making and daily routines in a whole new way.

The Psychedelic Consultation has proven to be the best thing I’ve ever done. Robert was incredibly patient and supportive in answering all my questions. He helped me attain a level of ease that I wouldn’t have thought possible for my experience. The experience itself was life changing, to say the least. Profound is a word that continually comes up, and even that doesn’t seem to carry enough weight.

I’ve suffered with depression, anxiety, and a general stagnation in my life for longer than I care to remember. I came out of the experience with what I can only describe as a brain reboot, and an entirely new and clearer way of thinking. I feel so much gratitude for Robert and his obvious love for what he does, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to truly express it. I strongly recommend working with Robert to anyone who’s found their way to him.

Jake Olson

As words fail in describing the benefits of psychedelic experience, words also fall short in truly articulating who Robert is, and how he has changed my life. But I will try. From a young age I suffered from severe depression and anxiety, at times so debilitating that I contemplated suicide as an alternative to my pain.

Robert walked into my life one day, by mere chance (although now I believe it was fate), and opened my consciousness up to a life, not only free of SSRI’s, but filled with joy and awe.

A life without the pangs of suffering that I believed to be my karmic fate. The entire ride, from the astrology session-which I rolled my eyes at initially-to the psychedelic consultation, to what Robert remains for me; a beacon of guidance, has been nothing short of a miracle.

The intelligence that psychedelics transmit is transcendent, as is the knowledge base that Robert possesses. I was fearful of taking this ride, having profound control issues my entire life, but Robert held my hand (figuratively and literally) throughout the entire process. I could not have imagined this experience being guided by anyone else.

His knowledge, empathy, and the manner in which he explains everything, reassured me and made me feel safer than I have ever felt before. I am forever grateful to have met Robert when I did. He changed my life.

Larisa Polonsky

“’Wow’ is a good mantra,” Robert said to me in preparation for my work with him. Indeed it was as it echoed through my experience and still resonates as I find those moments in my everyday life. This adventure was a big leap for me. It was something that I went into with great care, concern and intention. Robert was the perfect guide.

Smart, experienced, insightful, the right amount of raucous and profound nurturing. My astrology session with Robert unveiled new aspects of myself that other astrologers had not plugged into. The extensive writing I did and exploring of it with Robert was equally revealing.

Yet, it wasn’t until I was in the experience that I recognized the true value of all that preparation. It not only set the tone and intention for my experience it helped me to manage and at the same time, relax into my journey.

We all have expectations about what events are going to look like and what we think we need to move forward in our lives. My experience was very different than what I expected.

Yet, it tapped into a deeper and more embodied aspect in answering the questions I held, and directed and aligned my way forward in the world. It was a beautiful experience that I hope and trust will have a lasting and meaningful effect in living my fullest life.

Thank you Robert for your love, care and kick-ass kindness and making this experience available to me and others.

Randy Salim

There is a feeling you have when you’re a small child that grows more distant as the years press their “wisdom” upon you. That feeling re-emerged when you heard a song for the first time and it hit you somewhere other than your brain, or were moved to tears during a profound moment of a film. The voice of that feeling whispered to you when you were awestruck with the splendor of a mountain or were seeing the ocean at a particular moment of vulnerability or pause.

Robert’s entry into my life through his astrological and psychedelic consultations has excavated that voice back into the sunlight where it belongs. With his insightful and beyond intuitive reading and care, Robert was able to construct a safe “archeological site” in order for me to do my own internal digging.

So many “guides” or therapists inadvertently make a client’s process about themselves – becoming too hands on, too pushy – their own preconceived notions of how things should go removing the importance and significance of the intensely individualistic nature of each person’s process. Robert is the opposite. By expertly and empathetically navigating the balance of pointing you in a direction but making sure you are the one walking it, he achieves a huge feat. His immense joy he derives from empowering you is infectious, warm, and calming. From the first moment, I knew I was in capable hands.

I could not be more grateful for the understanding of myself and the world that I now possess. Perhaps more importantly, I am even more grateful that this was only a jumping off point. A great beginning leading somewhere of which I dare not even speculate. But I look towards that horizon line enthusiastically with a clearer vision, thanks to Robert.

Madison Ainley

I’m thinking about things differently now. I think it actually did answer my questions and continues to. So my destination is very much being arrived at. I just took the scenic route.

This bizarre journey through wonderland you and your spirits have taken me through is so amusingly intriguing, revealing, confidence boosting and satisfying.

I’m happily mystified.

Valerie Baber

I walked away from my session with Robert with a powerful insight into the forces that shape who I am, and what I need to do to maximize my life experience.

I can’t really compare sitting down with Robert and having him read my chart to any other experience I’ve had. He offers a remarkably unique experience of insight and depth into what you need to do to shine your brightest. Five stars. Have a reading with Robert, you will feel inspired, guaranteed!

Dr. Jeremy Brook

Each day our paths intersect with countless others, and most of those moments are gone as fast as they arrive – adding very little, if any, meaning to our lives. Occasionally, we are fortunate to have our paths intersect unexpectedly with someone who becomes part of our life in some way, and we should cherish those. Rarely, this person has such a profound impact that we can attribute to this relationship real calculable change in who we are as person, all initiated by that simple intersection.

If your path intersects with Robert, take it seriously. He is a truly unique individual, who embodies genuine empathy and kindness in his professional life, and an openness to real friendship that seems like a lost art these days. Robert has helped me immeasurably, and it is almost impossible for me to consider the consequences of our paths missing each other now that I know what was on the other side of that intersection.

Robert Schildhouse