I have for a long time been fascinated by the confluence of Quantum Physics, Astrology, Neuroscience, and the esoteric subsets of Eastern(in Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen, and in Hinduism’s Vedanta)and Western religions. Astrology and Psychedelics have been modalities where I have been able to work with people with the fundaments of what these systems reveal. In my own personal experience, dreaming has provided me with more feedback about myself, and my circumstances than any other mode of information, whether it was intellectual, philosophical, or cultural. Dreaming has shown me my mistakes, my ye unknown capacities, and the approaching results of my actions, both good and bad. Whether we are looking at the intelligence implied in Quantum Physics, the Brahman spoken about by Hinduism, or the Self spoken about by Jung, we re speaking of a reality beyond what our physical senses perceive.


I have been asked hundreds of times why Astrology works, or more skeptically, “Whether it is real?” It has shown itself to be an effective way to discuss the dynamics of people’s lives, that precede and shape their experiences in the past, present and future. Over the years, my understanding of “why it works” has changed. Astrology allows a kind of wisdom that exists in human consciousness to reveal itself around its structures. It is a way to speak about an unseen organizing principle that exists within and around each individual that precedes their historical and biographical experience. Astrology is not the only system that reveals an unseen reality. Many of the physical sciences, and the arts point to the same thing. But it is my experience that Astrology is the only system that identifies this organizing principle in its unique relationship to every individual.


Quantum Physics speaks to the ultimate nature of physical reality both personally and objectively. It posits that the underlying principle of all reality, physical and otherwise, is consciousness. That there is a field of intelligence throughout the entire universe that gives rise to all of its physical manifestations. Galaxies, solar systems, planets, trees, you and me. Each one of us is a localized version of that intelligence, that seeks to know itself through perceiving what it has created in physical reality. Your capacity to even perceive the physical reality around you is a manifestation of that intelligence.


Quantum Physics has determined that 99 percent of the universe is non physical. In fact, it states that the foundation of reality is not physical or mechanistic at all. The foundation of reality much more resembles a dream than it does an identifiable physical fundament. Our senses, which grow out of organic physical reality, perceive that physical reality, which is only one percent of reality. Ninety nine percent of reality, which is composed of consciousness exists outside our senses capacity to perceive it. Likewise in a remarkable correspondence of the micro and the macro, neuroscience has determined that any moment, the thoughts, sense perceptions, memories and cognition that you are aware of, are just one percent of what is occurring in your consciousness. Fields of experience, understanding, insight and freedom, lie unexplored beneath habits of attention.


Despite the limitations of our capacity to perceive most of reality, information is coming to us all the time about the origins of our experience. We can see the events of our lives at any moment, as a communication from some part of ourselves that exists outside physical reality. Events and overall circumstances are an “in-formed” communication about our origins and our orientation toward those origins. For each of us, our experience, whether pleasant or challenging, is a beacon shining back toward our origins.

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