AT(ONE) NOV 7, 2018

Every six months or so, I go into my handwritten dream journal and take what I have recorded and transfer my dreams onto a file on my computer. I have been doing this since 1991. Mostly I do this because I am able to search out themes, places and people, and see how a narrative about these things stretches over long periods of time. Sometimes I have a dream with a location, person, or experience that seems odd, and when I search the file on my computer, I find that it is something that has reoccured and changed over years, or even decades. Occasionally, I am struck by dreams that I have forgotten having had. This is one such dream.

6933.  6/1/18  Dreamed that a woman asked me about the NEW RELIGION, AT ONE. ATONE.  It’s a religion where you are at one with God. Your relationship is personal.  It(the intelligence) knows what you are doing. It’s not impersonal, it’s not objective.  She is super excited about it. 

This dream reminded me of something that I always discuss with Astrology clients in the beginning of a session. Astrology is useful and it is inspiring because each person has a unique astrological arrangement that is unlike anyone else’s that they will ever know. Like a fingerprint, or a DNA profile, an Astrology Chart demonstrates one’s unique arrangement of consciousness. Astrology talks about how that unique arrangement of consciousness precedes experience. Even though, you can see a person’s family in their Astrology Chart, you can assume that their experience of their family is shaped by the specific dynamics of their consciousness. This is as identifiable at the moment of their birth, as it is decades later.

But there is more. Astrology describes a momentum that is carried into this lifetime. Fate is not a rigid thing. Events are not predetermined, however the tendencies of consciousness over time will bear unique fruit. Astrology offers objectivity on those tendencies, while highlighting opportunities for transformation that are both beneficial and desired. Each one of us has a unique “mission” that ultimately is ours to carry out, that isn’t just beneficial to ourselves, because our transformation benefits all whom we encounter.

The most exciting thing about Astrology is the objective fact that there is an intelligence animating the structures of our consciousness, and ultimately our life. This intelligence is aware of each one of us. it understands our resources, challenges and capacities, and knows what we are working on. It’s investment is democratized, and individualized. To be aware of this intelligence is to be fully alive. To be unaware of it is to have a blind spot. There are other ways to become aware of it. Intuition, dreams, a calling, but Astrology actually provides bridge for every single person to contact this intelligence.

Another important aspect of the investment that this intelligence has in each individual is the current interface between their original natal astrological structure and the current arrangement of the solar system. The geometric relationship between the current arrangement of the solar system and the structure we are born with tell a very specific story about our present circumstances. Every person’s story is different, and every person’s story is identifiable in present time. These transformative opportunities last for months and sometimes years. Astrology offers the opportunity to yoke the power of the transformative influence for one’s well being, rather than having these influences blindly impact one’s experience. Astrology offers the opportunity to become aware of an invested intelligence that wants things for each person, and it can speak to what that intelligence wants specifically from you at any time.

This brings me back to the original dream that inspired the post. My dream reminds me of another dream that was reported in 1949 by Max Zeller, a disciple of the visionary psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung. He came to Jung with a dream he could not understand. In the dream, he saw a “temple of vast dimensions” under construction. As far as he could see, in every direction, there were multitudes of people participating in the building of the temple. Though the temple was only in its beginning stages, the foundation had already been laid, and he was himself working on a pillar. Hearing this, Jung simply nodded and said, “This is the temple we are all building today.” It is “the new religion.” We don’t know all the builders, of course, because they are “in India and China and in Russia, and all over the world.” But “this new religion will come together.”

This religion is the democratizing of religious experience., with no intermediaries between the individual and the intelligence behind all existence. No priests, no rabbis, no imams. No centralized authority. The realization that there is an intelligence behind all manifestations of life, physical and non physical, and that intelligence is aware, invested, and offering guidance. Carl Jung thought that all psychological problems are in their essence, religious. I agree. Where one is cut off from their origins, and not their historical origins, but the origins of their consciousness is where they struggle. Astrology is a tool to reconcile the historical individual with their eternal origins. It does not disappoint. It is an emissary of the intelligence present in each life.

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