“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.- Max Planck”

All physical matter is preceded and organized by a field of intelligence that permeates physical and non physical reality(which makes up ninety six percent of reality according to quantum physics.) Physical reality is in-formed by this intelligence, whose intention can be observed by how trees grow, atoms are structured, and continents are formed. You can also observe its intention in the structure of our physical bodies and the shape of galaxies. The only thing that exists outside this intention is the egoic mind, which is shaped by history, biography, environment and conditioning. This mind also alters the in- formed environment on a micro and macro level in the world in which we live.

Our nervous systems is the way that the intelligence that informs the physical universe experiences its creation. It observes through our eyes, smells through our noses and feels through our hands. Our awareness of this is limited by each of our conditioning. However the intelligence that informs both our bodies and consciousness makes itself known, even if we camoflage it with our thoughts, conditioning and predilections. One has only to release the grip of the ego, and the informed unitive intelligence that has been excluded from experience reveals itself. It will leak in through the cracks, or in the flaccid space where one’s ego is relaxed. This happens regularly during dreaming, but also during meditation, psychedelic experience, and even in rapt creative attention.

The ego is like a hologram that we continually animate with repetitive reinforcement of its origins. We recycle thoughts, feelings, memories and the states they inspire, to reinforce the hologram. As we do this, the informed intelligence that has formed us can go unknown. If we are able to power down the hologram, informed intelligence will reveal itself to you and through you. The best example of this is dreaming. With fatigue, we lay down and release our conditioned posture. We fall asleep, our senses shut off and our brain stops narrating our experience. Then it happens, informed intelligence begins to communicate with us through dreaming. It communicates in its own language, according to its own values. It doesn’t communicate with us to make our egos better at screening out this unitive intelligence so we can be more successful people. It communicates so that we become more successful incarnating that intelligence into the world. It very well may have different intentions for us than we have for ourselves. This can create a lot of struggle.

But the emergence of this informed intelligence doesn’t always have to be negative. Historically, those who have chaperoned this emergence in themselves have been rewarded for tolerating it. Whether, it’s a Tesla, splitting the atom, creating a Macintosh, writing All Along The Watchtower, or making Apocalypse Now, the field requires a vessel to make itself known in the world. Those who don’t fight this emergence, and possibly encourage it, do so with a humility that is probably the cost of great creation. Knowing about the field, and making oneself purposely available as an ambassador for it, can be one of life’s great accomplishments.

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