“All psychological problems are ultimately religious in their origins.” -CG JUNG

I get a lot of questions about psychedelics in general and psilocybin specifically. People want to understand why psilocybin is such a dynamic treatment for so many people. How does psilocybin change the way people experience themselves and the world? Is it “magic”? No, it isn’t. Magic describes events that occur inside a mechanistic universe, but outside its physical laws. Consciousness is not bound by physical laws The brain is a receiver of consciousness, not a transmitter. It is animated by consciousness, as a light bulb is animated by electricity. The brain is an instrument of translation and navigation in organic physical reality for a consciousness that exists mostly outside of it. I know this sounds abstract, but it is true. Quantum Physics has demonstrated that 99.99 percent of the universe is non physical. The origins of consciousness(yours and everybody’s) exists in that 99.99 percent of non physical infinite space. The origins of consciousness are not based in your physical life or biological history. Psilocybin creates a bridge between the origins of consciousness beyond time and space, and the historical and biographical ego which has only existed for a few decades. Psilocybin reverse engineers the experience of the ego. It takes the ego’s conditioned orientation from its limited biographical and historical story(whose limited narrative can condition anxiety, depression(the root of all addictions without exception), and repetitive thought, into a relationship with it’s limitless dynamic origins. This re-contextualizes the experience of an entire lifetime and changes the ego’s orientation in the present, past and in the future. An ego that has been conditioned by physical experience suddenly realizes its limitless origins were present and aware of it, its entire existence despite its lack of awareness. This realization helps heal PTSD, depression, anxiety, and compulsive behaviors and thoughts of of all kinds that were strategies implemented to avoid the pain of limited understanding.

Once psilocybin creates a bridge between the historical/biological ego, and the timeless/spaceless origins of consciousness, The brain becomes activated in areas corresponding to the limitless consciousness that animates it. In areas where there is no consciousness, there is no activity. This is where the notion that the brain only uses 10 percent of its potential. Where the brain is engaged, it is active and animated. Where the brain is un-animated by consciousness, it lies dormant with little or no activity. From birth the brain is engaged in a feedback loop. It receives information from a nervous system that branches out from it, to acquire information regarding its environment. It perceives the family, environment, peers, and culture that surrounds it, and adapts to the best of its understanding for its biological survival. The brain registers how these variables make it feel, and defends itself against the less unpleasant aspects of its experience, and moves toward pleasant experiences. But this restricts the experience of the brain. This restriction animates the brain some areas and keeps it lying dormant in others. This is where Psilocybin comes in and reverse engineers the brain’s experience.

After a lifetime of habitual response to its environment and its corresponding functioning, psilocybin releases the brain from its historical and biographical experience and returns it to its origins in consciousness. A limitless origin that gave the brain its organic structure and its potential. For a time after shutting down the normal utilization of the nervous system with eyeshades and music, the brain is released from the tracks it has travelled lifelong, and is allowed to wander off into the wilderness of its origins unfettered by historical conditioning. For a few hours, the brain becomes unhooked from it’s lifetime of habit, and is allowed to freely orient itself toward an experience of consciousness that exists outside space, time, and personal history. The response to this experience is almost always identical. “Oh my god.” “There are no words, but wow.” “Is this real?”(Yes it is). “I remember this, is it from a dream?, where do I remember this from?” These responses are consistent and speak to a return to an awareness of an existence that precedes and follows the life of the ego. It is a refreshing, revivifying and reanimating experience that is worthwhile and important.

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