THE ECLIPSE OF THE SOLAR KING

        I’ve been asked about the eclipse a lot the past month or so.  Mostly by people who are interested in it as it relates to Astrology.  For many people it is personally relevant in relationship to their natal chart.  I have told many how difficult it is going to be for Donald Trump, and if you get in touch with me, I’ll tell you why.  But if you want a tidbit, I’ll just say this: If you’re going to present yourself as a King, (“Nobody has ever been as Presidential as me, except maybe Abe Lincoln,”) you better have some real King roots(like Lincoln, Mandela,  Martin Luther King, or the Dalai Lama) when the plug is pulled on your ability to project yourself by the intelligent mechanics that animate all things. If you don’t, your second generation, wealthy Queens fantasy of being King, will be exposed. Especially if you thought you could anoint yourself by wearing a faux platinum crown,  and trimming your “palace” in 14k(maybe) gold.

                                                                           EVERYBODY’S ECLIPSE

       Human beings have been mesmerized and terrified by solar eclipses since their first experience of them.  For a few minutes everything they’ve assumed about how the Sun illuminates the day is called into question.  Without astronomy it would be a terrifying experience.  With it, it is still awesome in it’s mystery intimations that it is probably better addressed by Astrophysics.  But for today’s event I would suggest a symbolic perspective.  Let’s posit the question, “What do we assume daily about ourselves that could be completely thrown into absolute question?”  I think most people’s basic assumption revolves around the source of their identity in historical narrative derived from memory.  But what if this assumption is rooted too shallowly?  What if our consciousness extends out beyond ourbiographical memories, and will continue extending beyond where our brain anchor them in physical life?  What if we become aware of our non physical, non spatial, non historical origins while we are alive? How does that change how we view ourselves, and everyone else?


     Carl Jung had a remarkable theory about the brain that linked eastern and western models of consciousness, with current Neuroscience, and Quantum Physics.  His theory existed a lifetime before MRI’s or CAT scans existed it to verify it. The brain, was like a radio receiver.  It was a physical structure that contains and transmits the energy of consciousness into physical reality. Just like a radio doesn’t create the Beatles singing “Ticket to Ride,” your brain doesn’t create you.  It’s a physical apparatus that animates and projects your consciousness into physical reality. Illuminating reality like a light bulb containing electrical energy transforms that energy into light.   Consciousness, like the light radiating from a light bulb animates all you experience both internally and externally.


      The world you perceive is an approximation constructed by your brain according to the information provided by your nervous system.  Your brain synthesizes a three dimensional model using the information provided by a nervous system which branches out from your brain into the world.  What is seen, heard, felt, smelled, felt and tasted is synthesized by your brain into a model of reality according to its’ best guess of what all theinformation means.  As a submarine periscope reveals what is happening above the water by bouncing images off mirrors onto other mirrors until the image reaches an eye, your brain creates images and concepts about the world that are its’ best guess resulting from the multiple streams of information provided by your nervous system. But this model is and has always been just a guess.
The physical universe is a wave that has been spreading out from the big bang for 13.8 billion years. Quantum Physics has proven that physical reality breaks down into smaller measurables than atoms, and perceived solidity is an illusion.  Many branches of Buddhism and Taoism say the same. Your brain perceives what is a wave as being solid to fit its concepts of reality, provided by its’ information gathering tools.  A nervous system composed of stable physical matter describes stable physical matter as though that is the ultimate reality.  It’s a mythology each of us lives by. Remember Mike T.V. being transmitted between the camera and the receiver in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory? Well you and I may be being transmitted into a physical receiver as well.  That receiver is the brain. Mike’s mom panicked when she saw this happening to Mike, but Willy Wonka was ok with it, because Willy Wonka was a trickster, and the trickster archetype reveals whereconcepts about reality come up against reality itself.  Pan(the Greek God who brings panic) was also a trickster, and delighted when people walking at dusk mistook a stick for a snake, and gave themselves a fright with their concepts, revealing the fear of the unknowing that gave birth to concept in the first place.

                                                   THE ILLUSORY NATURE OF IDENTITY RESULTANT FROM HISTORY

      Your brain has been organizing your experience as best as it has been able from the moment you were born. It hasn’t always been accurate, and the narrative you’ve constructed about your historical identity is actually still very malleable. If your brain’s best guess about what was going on around you, conditioned a limited identity and understanding of the world, and your place in it that wasn’t entirely accurate.  What If your historical recall of yourself, and who you were in relationship to your family, your peers, and culture is not static and set in the stone of memory, but as fluid as physical reality itself?  Your historical and personal narrative can be re-explored, and re-conceptualized, perhaps in more beneficial way.  Rather than anchoring your identity to a limiting historical illusion, your identity can be an ever evolving experience.  Things which your brain missed or reinterpreted in your past, can be found or re-imagined in the present, if only you allow for that possibility to turn static seemingly intractable facts into fluid evolving present possibilities about the real source of your identity.

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