Most difficulties a person experiences can be attributed to the places where the architecture of the ego separates them from the origins of their consciousness. These origins are neither historical, nor biographical. The ego, is an instinctual, reflexive structure, created to cope with one’s environment from birth. It is like a callus formed against the challenges of life. (I’ve seen in Astrology Charts that it also may be a momentum of consciousness that one brings into life and creates their perceptions and experiences) There is nothing eternal in its structure though, though its origins are eternal. It exists in the realm of personal history and biography, and often camoflages and alienates awareness from its eternal origins. Mysticism is the capacity is to turn off the ego’s filtering ability and allow it to perceive things its conditioning won’t allow. A large part of consciousness exists outside of time, place, location or historical biography. If the structure of the ego does not allow access to these non biographical, eternal aspects of consciousness, it will calcify, struggle, and create dis-ease.

So how does the consciousness that animates the entire universe make itself known to the individual? How does the energy behind the big bang make its’ way into the awareness of the individual ego? First and foremost, through dreams. Dreams happen for one reason, and one reason only; to make the ego aware of elements of consciousness that exist outside its awareness. Every dream you have ever had, or anyone has ever had, occurred for one reason: To make the ego aware of things that are beyond its conditioned purview. Whenever anyone has a dream, it occurs because something is being presented that the ego doesn’t presently understand about its relationship to its origins. That’s one of the reasons why the meanings of dreams are so elusive. They cannot be simply understood by the ego, because they are a message about something the ego doesn’t presently understand about itself or its circumstances.. So the ego has to travel beyond its known boundaries of understanding to harvest meaning. When the ego reduces a dream to something that is already understood, it kills the intent of the dream. Threatened, it senses it is being informed of its incomplete understanding, and it rejects the process by claiming to understand. The ego has admit that without work and without sacrifice of its dominant paradigm, it will never understand the meaning of a dream.

Each one of us is animated by the same energies that went into forming the entire universe, both in its physical and non physical manifestations. Our ego is a like a light bulb in a dark room(that dark room is our lives), and the creative energy that animates that light bulb and creates the “light” of awareness is what allows the ego, (and in this analogy the light bulb) to make out the details of the room in which it finds itself(which is this life). If the light bulb looks around the room and starts thinking, “I like that window, I don’t like that chair, I wish the room was bigger,” it starts to wander from its origins and may even forget them. As the ego identifies more and more with what it illuminates, and less and less with the source of energy that animates it, limits itself and lose its potential. When an ego reacts only to its own creations, it moves further and further from the nutritive ground of its origins. The field of consciousness from which all awareness springs extends from a time before organic biological life began and extends far beyond when it ends. That same field is interwoven into this very life. You cannot fall out of the field being born, and you cannot fall out of the field after death.

It is this field that speaks to you in dreams. Sometimes it speaks from a farther, more impersonal distance, sometimes from a closer personal perspective. Its attention may sometimes be taken by other events, but it always is aware of you, and has a concern for your development and evolution. It speaks in ancient primordial language of images and feelings that are often foreign. But you can learn to speak its language, and the more you learn it, the more it will speak to you. I have over the years(and after recording 7,300 dreams) developed a worksheet that can help translate this language. If you are interested, let me know. I will send it to you. With or without it, this is always a phenomenal conversation to be having.

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