Guess what.  Your relationships are fated.  Your astrological structures will mesh with those people who are important to you like a key fits into a lock.  In fact, Jung’s great Astrological Study was looking at the inter-aspects between the charts of married couples.  Astrology can show you where you intersect with the important people in your life. It can identify the dynamics between you and significant others whether they be spouses, boy/girlfriends, coworkers, or family members.  Astrology can show you the purpose of a relationship and what it’s long term implications and purpose are.  There is no important person in you life whose primordial structure isn’t interlinked with yours in identifiable and meaningful ways that reveal its logos.  Nothing is as affirming as the correspondences in the charts of two people who have a profound meaning to one another.   Take a look inside the mystery and be amazed.

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