In interplanetary and trans solar system travel, NASA flew spacecraft through the gravitational fields generated by the outer planets in our solar system, to alter their speed and direction without utilizing any man made technology. All that was used in deciding how close the spacecraft flew to the planet was the planet’s estimated mass and its distance from the Sun. This model is a great metaphor for my work. Through getting to know my clients, I am able to identify and work with the fields that unseen structures of consciousness exercise on their lives. These structures are visible in their astrology, history, biography, trauma, dream life, psychedelic experience, and transformational aspirations. My work is to identify these structures and use them to sling shot my client’s awareness into their transpersonal origins.

Usually when I begin my work with people, they are oriented toward a narrative biography. They look back at their historical origins looking for clues to explain their current state. They continue to construct a narrative that is consistent with the original one, so that it all makes sense. Oftentimes, it does not, or the dissonance between their origins and their aspirations are not reconcilable. But once they experience their transpersonal origins, their historical biography as well as their current circumstances are recontextualized in relation to new information.

The best way to orient people towards their transpersonal origins is to use their biographical narratives that are already an instinctual turn toward understanding. The centrifugal force of the question “Who am I?” is the engine behind rehashing experience, history, memories, trauma and biography. The religious instinct to connect with one’s origins outside the boundaries of physical life powers this process in everyone, whether they believe they have a religious instinct or not. Focus on the strongest impressions of memory and biography are often a distraction that makes the origins of consciousness seem foreign and strange. Yet no memory or biography is able to answer the question that is really being asked. Astrology is a wonderful tool in this pursuit, because it demonstrates how each individual comes into this life with an uniquely structured consciousness that preceded experience and perception of ones environment. These structures shape the biographies and memories that follow.

Recently, I have become aware of tech billionaires investing in technologies designed to make them immortal. Whether they are planning on having their heads frozen, so that they can be reanimated at a later time when science is more advanced, or are imagining they will have the contents of their brains downloaded into a computer, the aspiration is the same. The realization of some state that transcends the limitations of biological life. This aspiration is symbolic. The real goal is to experience a consciousness that is unfettered by the limits of birth and death, the bookends of biological life. But this experience is possible in this very life. One has only to have the courage to step outside their constructed biography, and experience the consciousness that precedes this life and will follow it. That consciousness is right here, right now. To experience it, one must only have the courage to surrender the fiction of a self narrative.

Whether we are a billionaire or not is immaterial in the ultimate question every single one of us is asking all the time. “Who am I?”, “Where do I come from?” and “Where am I going?” We try and answer these questions with our constructed identities, with our families, with our work, with our relationships, but ultimately, none of these undertaking provide the answer. These are the efforts to shape our physical lives with meaning. Ultimately, they will all have to be surrendered. If we are wise, we can slingshot our awareness around these structures and see within each one of us, something deeper, eternal. and indestructible. And when we do connect with this original reality, it reshapes our identity as well as our understanding of past, present, and future, for the better.

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