Science is emerging from a dark age regarding the nature of physical reality, and it’s worthwhile to consider the understanding that has emerged.  Instruments grant us the capacity to see into structure of atoms, the smallest building blocks of physical reality. Amazingly, they look exactly like a microcosm of our solar system.  Yet, these same remarkably sensitive instruments, offer no insight into what holds atoms together.  The physical world turns out to be more like a big thought, or a big dream, than it is a big rock. It is bound together by something fundamental that transcends Newton’s mechanistic model of space and time. The world is not an ensemble of separate bits moving within mechanical laws, but all things are connected by something that transcends of space and time.  That something is widely now accepted as intelligence.  Everything in the world is informed by a deep dimension. Our brain, and our mind included.

     This deep dimension of physical reality is more vibration than it is matter.  There is no ground substance that matter is based on.  The world is a set of variously integrated clusters of vibration, and matter is just how the vibrations appear to an observer. These vibrations are the matrix of all matter and all consciousness. Everything that emerges and persists in the world is a cluster of vibration in that field.  Bodies of all shapes and sizes, from atoms to galaxies, to the bodies of humans are clusters in the field of intelligence.

    What does this intelligence want? Higher expressions of order.  The difference between the DNA of a chimpanzee and a human is less than one percent.  Chimpanzees are capable of many of the same emotions and perceptions that human beings are. The real difference between them is a the human capacity to conceptualize in more sophisticated ways.  There is purpose in the chimpanzee’s consciousness just as there is in a human consciousness.   The intelligence that animates the consciousness of each does so toward the potential of its highest manifestation.  For those who think that these manifestations are random and without purpose, I present the example of a fruit fly.  There has not been enough time since the Big Bang for a random assemblage of the DNA that would be required to create a fruit fly.  Something assembles DNA to become a fruit fly, just as something assembles your DNA so that you can read this sentence.

     So what does this science have to do with the experience of the reader?  Each person’s consciousness possesses a maximum potential by design.  The intelligence behind the structure of the universe, and the structure of both your body and the consciousness it houses, has designed you for the highest expression of your potential and your comprehension. .  It is a willfull act to ignore the presence of this intelligence and its intention for you, at any time.  This is where the descent from maximum expression begins.  For most of us, this breakdown results from our unwillingness to sense the intentions and presence of this intelligence, when we  substitute the circumstances that our consciousness perceives at any given moment,  and the concepts our perceptions give birth to.  Other times, we substitute a memory of another time when we were also distracted from the presence and intention of the intelligence that designed us. That is the only distance between the intelligence we are constructed of at our deepest level and our awareness.  This is the riddle of our existence, or in zen, the koan. It is an exercise well worth undertaking either conceptually or experientially.  This is the antidote from what ails us in both our bodies and consciousness, both personally and collectively.

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