URANUS IS COMING       Recently I have noticed a trend in the clients that have been coming to see me.  One after another they show up in the midst of a Uranus transit, or a month or two before one is about to occur that will last a couple of years.  Uranus is agency of the transpersonal push toward revolution.  It wants each person to travel from the known, and previously conditioned by the circumstances of their life parts of oneself, to the unknown and ready to be discovered parts of oneself and one’s life.  Uranus rules lightning and like lightning, revolution isn’t something that occurs spontaneously.  An unseen charge builds up invisibly over time, and when it reaches it’s mature flashpoint, lightning strikes and lights up everything and reveals a previously invisible landscape as though the midday Sun is shining.          Besides lightning, Uranus rules revolutionary thinking, computers, Astrology, and hyper logic that occurs so quickly, it appears to be intuition.  A process that appears to have jumped from 1-10, moves at such speed that steps  2-9 weren’t visible.  Both computers and the internet follow a logical, linear process that appear to function instantaneously to the naked eye.  Steve Jobs, was an entirely Uranian person,  with a very public and heavily aspected tenth house(public life) Uranus.  As is Bill Gates, Nikolas Tesla and Elon Musk(GET READY FOR THE HYPERLINK) What Uranus calls for is the incarnation of things that have never existed before, but are part of a rapidly occurring logical evolution.   It puts pressure on consciousness both collective and personal  to be able to  physically create things that previously only seemed conceptual, or pre-conceptual.        So what does this have to do with my Astrology clients?  Uranus shows that something is ready to be revealed in consciousness that has been lying latent, and in order to become aware of it, the status quo has gotta go.  People are coming to have the previously unknown structure of their consciousness revealed to them.  They arrive at the moment when they are ready to see the architecture of their consciousness, and they realize that if there is architecture, than there must be an architect, and it has structured their consciousness with an intent that is ready to be known. Whether they are 12 or 52, they are coming to have the facade lifted from the foundations of their experience, and it is Uranus that brings them.  It points to this time in their lives,  and says there is a quantum(beyond physical reality) intent behind their experience.  It was there at the moment of  birth, is here today, will be here tomorrow, and it wants its intention to be known.  It is not hiding, it is not invisible, and no longer wants to be experienced as mysterious.  It is ready to be revealed and harnessed for personal and collective benefit.  So why is this happening now?  Uranus is passing through the final degrees of Aries where it has been since 2011. It will enter Taurus in May and will be passing through there until July 2025. Uranus takes about 84 years to travel around the Sun . The last time it was in Taurus was from 1934 till 1942.  Almost nobody alive has experienced this before.  Taurus is the sign of manifestation.  It is earthy, sensual, aesthetic, and the archetype of making things real and manifest.  Hyper-conceptual  Uranus in Taurus will be a time when things come into being which a few years ago, would not have seemed possible.  This is true collectively and personally.  For those with planets or angles in Taurus,  or the other fixed signs(Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio), Uranus comes for you. Taurus is a fixed sign, and for those with fixed signs in their make up, Uranus is intent on shaking you up.  It wants to eliminate your rigidity, take down your fences and allow you to see that your horizons are much broader than you had previously thought.  For those who were comfortable with their little lot of land, they may be disoriented to find that they are the heir to something greater.  Uranus is coming.  Get ready.

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